(Version 2.1.0)


Keep the Customers around, that’s what store owners care about! Magento Store Credit module for Magento 2 allows you to enhance the interaction with your Customers by many activities such as adding credit or refunding Customers by credit. Customers can use the credit to make purchases on your store or even share with their friends. With Magento Store Credit module for Magento 2, credit can be used as a convenient and time-saving payment method. Customers just need to recharge their credit accounts one time and then use for many future purchases.

Magento Store Credit is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. Storecredit


Path: Store Credit > Settings > Magestore Extension tab > Store Credit

a. Step 1: Configure the following sessions as below:

  • General Configuration Tab:

Path: Magento Extension > Store Credit

Store credit configure

-Enable Store Credit: to activate Store Credit on your site

-Allow sending Credit: allow customers to send credit to their friends

-Groups can use edit: allow only general/wholesaler/retailer or all customers able to use credits

  • Spend Credit On Tab

Store credit configure

(1) Apply Customer Credit: If you choose After tax, it means the Customer Credit Discount will be applied to order value including tax

(2) Shipping fee: If you choose No, credit balance cannot be used to pay for Shipping Fee

  • Email Configuration Tab

Store credit configure

(1) Email template with credit code sent to recipients: default

(2) Email template with verification code sent to credit sender: default

(3) Email template notifying customers: default

(4) Send-to-customer email template when recipient receives credit: default

Store credit configure

  • Adjust time for Customer credit reports on total used and total received credit Tab.

(1) Select start time for current year: choose Month, then Date

(2) Select date for current month: choose Date

Store credit configure

  • Style Configuration tab:

(1) Background of Title: enter Hexadecimal code

(2) Color of Title: enter a Hexadecimal code or choose a color as above.

b. Step 2: Remember to click on Save Config button to complete your configuration process.


How Admin manages Store Credit

Manage Customers Using Credit

  • Path: Store Credit > Manage Customers Using Credit

The Customers Using Credit Manager page will be displayed as below.

store credit

This page shows a list of all customers using credit and their information such as name, email, credit balance, telephone, etc.

To view more details about a customer, click on the Edit link in the Action column.

store credit

Then, you will be navigated to the Customer Information page. By selecting Store Credit tab, you can view all customer’s transaction history and credit balance as above.

store credit

To edit customers’ credit information:

(1) Entering an integer (a positive or negative number)

(2) Add a comment such as why you add credit to customers.

The module will automatically send email to the customer to announce this transaction if you tick on Send email to customer checkbox. The email will be sent to the customer as below.

store credit

store credit

After you save, our module will auto update the customer’s credit balance, send an email to that customer and create a transaction as above.

Manage Credit Products

  • Path: Store Credit > Manage Credit Products

The Credit Product Manager page will be shown as below.

store credit

This page shows you all credit products with a lot of information such as product ID, name, SKU, quantity, status, etc.

To add a new credit product:

a. Step 1: Click on the Add Credit Product button on the right top of the page.

store credit

b. Step 2: You can add a credit product just in a similar way to adding a normal product.

  • Product Details:

store credit

(1) Enable Product: Activate Store Credit by select Yes

(2) Attribute Set: Select a set for the new credit product

(3) Product Name: Enter a name for this product

(4) SKU: Enter an SKU name

(5) Quantity: Enter the number of products

(6) Stock Status: Select the current status of product as In Stock / Out of Stock

(7) Categories: Select the categories of the Store Credit. In case there’s no fitted category, click on “New Category

(8) Visibility: Choose where it will be visible to customers

(9) Set Product as New From: Set a period of times when the product is displayed as New product

(10) Visible on Webpos: Enable Yes to allow the product display on Web POS.

  • Credit Prices Settings Tab:

Type of Store Credit value: To configure the value of credit product, choose Fixed Value/ Range of values/ Dropdown values

store credit

  • Advanced Inventory Path: New Product > Quantity > Advanced Inventory

store credit

(1) Manage Stock: our module sets up the field as Yes. It means that you need to manage the Qty. of Credit Products. You can edit it by uncheck box Use Config Settings.

(2) Qty.: it is synchronized with the Qty. on New Product Section

(3) Out-of-stock Threshold: our module sets up the field as 0. It means the product will be notified “Out-of-stock” when the number of items is 0. You can edit it by uncheck box Use Config Settings

(4) Minimum Qty. Allowed in Shopping Cart: our modules set up the field as 1. It means a customer must have at least 1 product in a single order to purchase Store Credit Product. You can edit it by leaving the box Use Config Settings unchecked.

(5) Maximum Qty. Allowed in Shopping Cart: as mentioned in No.4

store credit

(6) Qty. Uses Decimals: select No if the Qty. is not a decimal value

(7) Allow Multiple Boxes for Shipping: select NO if the Qty. purchased CAN NOT be shipping in separate boxed

(8) Backorders: Backorder means funds are still authorized or captured immediately when the order is placed, regardless of whether the product is in stock. Product will be shipped as they become available • No backorders: Do not accept backorders when product is out stock • Allow Qty. below 0: Accept backorders when the Qty. falls below zero • Allow Qty. below 0 and notify customer: accept backorders when the Qty. falls below zero, but notifies customers that orders can still be placed

(9) Use Deferred Stock Updated

(10) Notify for Qty. below: determine the stock level at which the system will notify the inventory is below the threshold

(11) Enable Qty. Increments: select if the product can be sold in quantity increments (Qty. increments –the number of products that must be purchased at the same time)

(12) Stock Status: it is synchronized with the Qty. on New Product Section

Then, click Save to continue

store credit

Scroll down and complete the information, click on store credit, and fill in the following sections as needed:

  • Content tab: store credit

These fields are not required but needed to be filled in. Describe your product clearly to help your customers understand your store credit rules.

  • Attributes tab

store credit

Enter an alternative name for product

  • Images and Video tab:

store credit

Scroll down to Images and Videos, and click on store credit, then click on Browse to find or drag image here to upload new image

store credit

Click on Add Video to add new video

store credit

Fill in the box and click on Choose File to upload new video

  • Search Engine Optimization tab

store credit

Fill in the required field: URL Key, Meta Title, Meta keywords, Meta Description to improve your SEO work.

  • Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells tab

store credit

(1) Click on respectively - - Add Related Products - - Add Up-sell Products - - Add Cross-sell Products store credit

(2) Mark the checkbox to select products

(3) Click on Add Selected Product

store credit

(4) Click on Save to finish

  • Customizable Options tab

store credit

This function allows users to set and manage extra price for each product's variant separately.

Users can simply set the extra price to be applied on a product's variant, regardless of its attribute and attribute value.

(1) Click on Add Option

(2) Enter the option tittle

(3) Select an option type

(4) Mark the checkbox to require

(5) Click on Add Value

(6) Enter a title for the value

(7) Enter an extra price

(8) Select a price type

(9) Enter an SKU for each product’s variant

To remove a value, click store credit on the right-hand-side of the column

  • Products in Websites tab

store credit

Check the box to set credit products on main websites

  • Design tab

store credit

(1) Layout: Select a suitable layout to display your credit product

(2) Display Product Options in: Select the place of product options: In Block after Info Column or In Product Info Column

(3) Layout Update XML

  • Schedule Design Update tab

store credit

(1) Schedule Update From: Set the schedule to update your design of products

(2) New Theme: Choose a theme for product pages

(3) New Layout: Choose No layout updates to keep the existing layout or a new layout to display product different from previous design.

  • Gift Option tab

store credit

Set the allow gift message to Yes or check the Use Config Settings box to allow no Gift message.

  • Barcode tab

store credit

  • Stock Movement tab

store credit

Any movement of products will be recorded in this tab.

  • Supplier tab

Store credit products are set up based on your stores, so it is not necessary to fill in this tab.

Besides the Credit Product Manager page, you can also create a new credit product by following this path: Products > Inventory Section > Catalog

store credit

Manage Credit Transactions and Report Charts

a. Credit Transactions

  • Path: Store Credit > Credit Transactions Section > Manage Credit Transactions

The Credit Transactions page will be shown as below.

store credit

This page shows all credit-related transactions with a lot of information such as type, detail, customer name/email, added/deducted credit, credit balance after the transaction.

You can search any transaction by using filter boxes in each column.

If you click on a customer’s email, you will be navigated to the Customer Information page.

b. Credit Report Charts

  • Path: Store Credit > Credit Transactions Section > Customer Credit Report

Then the Report Charts page will be shown below.

store credit

This page can be divided into two main sections including Life-time Reports and Period-of-time Report Charts. - Life-time Reports: There are 2 types of reports. - - Customer Credit Statistics with the total credit, the total spent credits and the number of Customers with credit in your system. - - Top 5 Customers with The Greatest Credit Balances with their names and current balances in your system. - Period-of-time Report Charts: This chart shows you the total spent credits and received credits of all Customers per day in your chosen time range such as last 24 hours, last 7 days, current month, etc.

Use Credit when Creating Orders in Backend

  • Path: Sales > Operations section > Orders

On the Create Order page on the backend, our module allows you to use credit when creating orders for customers.

Step 1: Do the steps of creating a new order normally, from creating or selecting customers to selecting products.

Step 2: Enter a credit amount in Customer Credit box and click on the Gray Arrow button

store credit

Step 3: Select a shipping method and then look at the Order Totals.

store credit

Our module will auto-update and calculate the grand total of the order.

After submitting the order, the customer’s credit balance will also automatically updated and you can check the transaction on the Credit Transaction page.

Refund Orders into Credit Balance

  • Path: Sales > Operations section > Orders

When customers want to refund an order, our module allows you to transfer the order value to his credit balance. In that way, customers can use the credit for future purchases and you do not have to lose money for the refund at the same time.

Step 1: Click on View to see the details of an order

store credit

Step 2:

store credit

On the top bar, click on Credit Memo label to create a refund order

store credit

After that, select a warehouse to return stocks and adjust the number of products customers want to return.

Step 3: To adjust refund totals:

store credit

(1) Enter the amount you want to refund into credit as above

(2) Click on the Refund Offline button

The amount you entered as well as the credit that the customer used for paying for the order will be refunded to his current credit balance.

For any order that includes only Credit Product, the option Refund Order to Credit is not available.

How Customer uses Store Credit

How Customers buy Credit Product

After customers log in to your website, they can access the Store Credit Products page in two ways:

  • Option 1:

store credit

On the top navigation bar, click to Buy Store Credit

store credit

After that, the Store Credit page will be shown as above.

As you can see, this page lists all Credit Products of your website. There are three types of credit products for customers to choose: fixed values, the range of values and drop-down values.

store credit

(1) Fixed Value: These credit products have a fixed value.

store credit

(2) Drop-down Values: With this type, customers can select a specific value in the drop-down list.

store credit

(3) The range of Values: With this type, customers can choose a desired credit amount within the range configured by admin in the backend.

store credit

After selecting credit products they like, customers can add them to cart and checkout normally.

When the order is complete, our module will auto-add that credit amount to the customer’s credit balance.

Customers can also send Credits to their friends by doing the following steps:

store credit

(1) Tick Send credit to friend checkbox

(2) Enter the name of the recipient

(3) Enter the email address of the recipient. The system will send an email to this address

(4) Enter the message that recipient will receive.

  • Option 2:

Path: My Dashboard page > My Credit tab

store credit

To buy credit product, click on the My Credit on the left navigation of the Account Dashboard page.

store credit

In this second way, customers will be navigated to the My Credit page on which they just need to click on the Buy store credit button. Then, the Credit Products page will be displayed and customers can continue buying credit as mentioned steps in option 1 above.

When the order is completed, there will be two cases happening based on signup status of the recipient email address.

store credit

Case 1: if the recipient does not have an account in the system, an email as above will be sent.

Case 2: if the recipient has already had an account in the system, the system will automatically add that credit amount to the Recipient’s credit balance.

store credit

In both cases, the sender always gets email notifications as above.

How to manage Credit on My Credit page

  • Path: My Dashboard page > My Credit tab a. Manage Credit Balance

store credit

On the My Credit page, customers can view information about their current credit balances and transaction history.

In the section Transaction History, our module shows customers all of their credit transactions with a lot of information including date, type, details, added/deducted value in transaction* and credit balance.**

b. Send Credit to Friends

  • Path: My Dashboard page > My Credit tab > Send Credit tab

store credit

First, customers should click on the Send Credit tab on the left navigation to go to the Send Credit to Friends page as above.

This page has 2 parts including Send Credit to Friends and Credit Code List.

  • Send Credit to Friends: allows customers to send credit to their friends by filling in all required information

  • Credit Code List: shows all information about the credit codes that customers sent to their friends including code, recipient’s email, amount, sent date and status of code. Credit codes are not displayed fully for security purpose. When customers click on, they will be shown clearly.

Please note that our module allows you to configure whether to require your customers to verify their credit sharing or not. We will consider the two cases separately.

Case 1: Customers are not required to verify their credit sharing.

store credit

(1) Enter recipient’s email

(2) Add an amount that customers want to send to their friends.

(3) Write a message to the recipient.

(4) Click on Send button

Notice that after entering recipient’s email, our module will check that email address and show a notification to customers.

  • If the recipient’s email has not been registered on the website:

In this case, our module will show a notification for the customer that his friend will receive the credit code via that email. After that, the sender’s credit balance will be deducted immediately and an email will be auto-sent to the recipient’s email address.

store credit

As you can see, this email informs the recipient about the credit amount, message and a credit code which can be used to redeem credit to his balance.

At the same time, the sender can also see the sent credit code in the Credit Code List section as below.

store credit

In this section, customers can follow the status of the credit codes they sent. While the recipient has not redeemed a credit code, customers are allowed to cancel it by clicking on the Cancel link in the Action column. After the cancellation, the recipient cannot redeem that credit code anymore.

Otherwise, once the credit code has been redeemed, the status will be updated, and the Cancel link will be disabled. Please refer to the section Redeem Credit for more information.

Customers can also check their current balances and transactions of sharing credit in the Transaction History section.

store credit

  • If the recipient’s email has been registered on the website:

store credit

If the recipient’s email address has been registered on your website, our module will send credit directly to his credit balance instead of sending credit code to his email.

Customers can check their current balances and transactions in the Transaction History section.

store credit

At the same time, recipients can get information about this transaction.

store credit

  • Case 2: Customers are required to verify their credit sharing.

store credit

If you configure that customers have to verify before sharing credit, after clicking on the Send button, they will receive an email as above.

At the same time, they will be navigated to the Verify page.

On this page, our module shows them a notification about the verification requirement. In the Credit Code List, that code is put under the “Awaiting verification” status with a Verify link.

store credit

To verify, customers can:

(1) Enter the verification code they received in their emails

(2) Click on the Submit Code button.

After customers finish verifying, our module will send credit to the recipient.

c. Redeem Credit

  • Path: My Dashboard page > My Credit tab > Redeem Credit tab

To go to the Redeem Credit page, customers can click on the Redeem Credit tab on the left navigation.

On this page, customers can redeem the credit code they received to their credit balance as following steps:

store credit

(1) Enter the code in the text field

(2) Clicking on the Redeem button.

Another way is just to click on the link in the email.

After redeeming code, customers can check their current balance and transaction in the Transaction History section.

store credit

How to check out by Credit

Customers can use credit to check out on both Shopping Cart and Checkout page.

On the Shopping Cart page, our module will add Apply Credit Discount block for customers to use their credit balances at checkout.

store credit

To use a credit amount, customers can:

(1) Enter that number in the field

(2) Click on the Apply button and then our module will auto-update and calculate the grand total of the order.

Please note that customers cannot use credit to buy credit products. If their carts have one or more credit products, our module will show a notification in the Customer Credit block as below.

store credit

On the Checkout page, in the Payment Information tab, apply credit discount the same as in the Shopping Cart page.

store credit

(1) Enter an amount of credit

(2) Click on the Apply button, and then our module will auto-update the order’s Grand Total.

After the order has been placed, customers’ credit balances will be updated immediately. They can check the current balances and transactions in the Transaction History section.

Release Note

Version 2.1.0 for Magento 2 (released on Oct 19th, 2017)

Compatible with Magento 2.2

Improve integration with WebPOS

Version 2.0.0 for Magento 2 (released on Jun 06, 2017)

Improve payment: checkout via Paypal using store credit & multiple currencies

Update display of customer credit in shopping cart

Improve credit sending email

Re-structure coding

Version 1.0.0 for Magento 2 (released on May 4th, 2016)

Release the stable version for Magento 2.0

Confidential Information Notice

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