In this user guide, we provide you a very detailed instruction in how a Purchase Manager controls all tasks involved in purchase management. Managing suppliers, pricelist, quotation and purchase order is easier than ever for a purchase manager with our step-by-step user guide by role.


purchase manager permission matrix


Manage Supplier

Create New Supplier

To create New Supplier, go to Purchase Management > Supplier > Manage Suppliers

create new supplier

Click on Add New Suppliers to create a new supplier’s contact.

In Supplier Information tab:

input supplier information

Fill in all the required fields, including:
- Supplier Code (customise by yourself)
- Supplier Name
- Contact Person (who represents the supplying firm)
- Supplier’s Email
Choose Enable to activate the suppliers.

In Supplier Address tab:

Fill in the form below (All information is optional)

new supplier info form

If you enable Drop-ship function in Settings (Please refer to section Drop-ship for more details), the Password Management section will be automatically synchronised and shown in the New Password blank. You can set password and email it to the supplier. The supplier can use his email address and this password to log in on the Supplier page in frontend to update drop shipments’ status.
Click on SAVE to finalize.

Add Products to Supplier

add product to supplier page

On the extended screen named Products:
- Click on Add Product to select and assign specific products to suppliers.
- Besides that, you can either Click on Import Product to sync your products data with Magento systems.
- Enter Supplier SKU for each product line.
- Enter Cost – purchase cost from the suppliers.
- Enter Tax (if any)
- Click on Delete to remove unexpected products

Click on SAVE to finalize

Edit an Existing Supplier

To Edit an existing supplier, go to Purchase Management > Supplier > Manage Suppliers

manage suppliers page

Click on View to access the supplier’s detailed information. Then start editing.

Manage Price List

To manage Price List, go to Purchase Management > Supplier > Manage Pricelist

manage pricelist page

Pricelist Management provides users lots of benefits mentioned as below:
• Easily keep track of all users’ prices
• Create group pricelists
• Create pricelists for each supplier
• Special prices are applied when creating purchase orders
• Create pricelists in multiple currencies

Click on Add Pricelist to make a document listing multiple prices.

Note: You also can prepare a Pricelist on your device then import it to system by tabbing “Import Pricelist”. By clicking on Add Pricelist, you will the page shown as below:

manage pricelist page

  • Select a supplier (required)
  • Click on Select Product then on the pop-up screen, choose which products you want to manage pricelist
  • Enter the Minimal Quantity
  • Enter the cost for each product line
  • Set a specific opening and closing date (term of validity)
  • Click on Add Selected Product(s) to finalize

Note: Before finalizing, you can click on “Remove” to scratch out unexpected products.

Edit a Pricelist

To edit a pricelist, go to Purchase Management > Supplier > Manage Pricelist

manage pricelist page

  • Make a double clicks on the line of a product
  • Edit the data you want to re-new
  • Click on Save to finalize

Create Quotation

To create a new request for quotation, purchase staff can follow this path: Purchase Management > Quotation Management > Create Quotation

create quotation

Then the page will be shown as below:

create quotation

1) Choose Created Time
2) Choose Supplier to ask for quotation.
3) Choose Currency
4) Chooose Currency Exchage
5) Adding comments is optional.
6) Click on Prepare Product List for the next step. You will be navigated to this view:

create quotation

In this step, there are 5 ways for you to prepare product list:
- Import products via a CSV file
- Prepare product list based on supply need forecast
- Prepare back sales products (Back sales products are ordered by customers but not available in stock now)
- Prepare low stock products
- Prepare product list manually with All Supplier Products button
Apart from importing products via a CSV file, you need to enter Purchase Cost, Tax, Discount and Qty Ordering for each product. Editing in line is allowed here. After entering all required fields, click Save button and Order Totals is automatically calculated.

create quotation

Then, scroll down to set up Shipping and Payment

create quotation

1) Enter the address you want the stock to be shipped to
2) Select a shipping method for the quotation
3) Estimate and enter the shipping cost
4) Set start shipping date
5) Set expected delivery date
6) Select the payment term
7) Choose the way to place order: N/A, Email, Phone, Fax, supplier website
After filling all the information, click Save to save all changes. You can still update products information by editing in a specific product line. Then, choose Confirm Quotation to create a request for quotation.

Send Request for Quotation to Supplier

To send Request for Quotation to supplier, purchase staff go to Purchase Management > Quotation Management, choose Quotation to see quotation list. At the list of quotation, click on View at the quotation marked as “confirmed”.

send request for quotation to supplier

On this page, click on Send Email. The request for Quotation will be sent to supplier via the email in supplier information.

Convert Quotation to Purchase Order

To convert quotation to purchase order, in View Quotation page, click on Convert Quotation to PO.

Convert Quotation to Purchase Order

As the quotation is converted to purchase order, you will be navigated to Purchase Order view

Convert Quotation to Purchase Order

As can be seen, the purchase order is marked as “pending”. In this page, you are still able to update the product information as editing is allowed to be done directly in line. After finishing all editing, click on Save to save all changes.

Receive Products

To receive products, clicks on Confirm Purchase Order on View Purchase Order page and you be shown navigated to the detailed page of the Purchase Order

Receive Products

There are two ways to receive items:
1) Receive All Items: All products will be noted as received. Each product goes with detailed information including Received Date, SKU, Product Name, Received Qty and Created By.
2) Receive Items: By clicking on this button, you are able to choose a part of the purchase order. This method is most suitable when you use partial shipment. After selecting products, you need to enter the received date, select received products and fill Received Qty for each product.

Receive Products

Supplier Bill & Payment

To create supplier Bill and Payment, go to View Purchase Order page to create an invoice. By clicking on Invoice tab, you will see the form below

Supplier Bill & Payment

Multiple invoices can be created by products for one purchase order. When you click on Create an Invoice button, the Create an Invoice page will be shown like below

Supplier Bill & Payment

  1. You need to enter the billed date,
  2. Select products and fill billed Qty, unit price, tax and discount for each product you want to create an invoice for.
  3. After that, you click on the Save button to save your work. Now, you can see the records of all invoices shown in the Invoices tab.


Return Products to Supplier

Create Return Order

In order to request a product return, you can follow the path Purchase Management > Return Request Management > Return Requests

Create Return Order

You will be led to the Create Return Request page

Create Return Order

1) Return progress is controlled in 4 steps:
* New: input general information of the return process,
* Pending: create the list of products to return to supplier,
* Processing: the product list has been submitted to the supplier. Products, once delivered, are waiting to be validated and transferred to warehouse.
* Completed
2) Input the date that you create the return request

3) Choose the warehouse to take products out for return
4) Choose supplier to return products to
5) Input return reason (optional)
6) Click Prepare Product List to move to the next step

Create Return Order

On Pending step:
1) View general information of the return request that you have input in the previous step.
2) There are 2 ways of preparing product list to return:
* Choose to either Import Products list via csv file (template provided)
* Or view and choose among all products of that supplier by clicking on All Supplier Products button.
3) Cancel the return request
4) Send an email to supplier to inform of the return
5) Print the list of returned items
6) Save your current process while stay on the page
7) Confirm

After adding products, you can edit product quantity to return:

Create Return Order

1) Select products to edit
2) Input product quantity to return
3) Click Save to save your current process and stay on page; or Confirm Order to continue.

Confirm Product Delivery

After validating the products, you can process with the product receipt:

Confirm Product Delivery

1) Click Complete PO to finish the Return request.
2) Click Transfer Items to transfer the received products to the warehouse that you have appointed before.

Confirm Product Delivery

In Transfer items page:
1) Input the date of transfer
2) Choose either to select products by scanning barcode; or select products from a list with 2 steps as below

Transfer items

After selecting products or scanning barcode, you will be sent back to the Transfer Items page:

Transfer items

1) Input the product quantity to transfer (you can transfer partially in multiple times)
2) Click Save to continue

Transfer items

  1. Click Complete PO to finish the return request
  2. Click Transfer Items to continue transferring the rest of received products.
    3&4. Select products and click button to Return to Supplier.

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